Forbidden Pleasures (Pleasures 1) by M.S Parker

Forbidden Pleasures (Pleasures #1) - M. S. Parker

After reading Broken Pleasures I could not wait to start this!

The beginning gives you the prequel, which is good if you don't want to read it separately - it gives you just enough to want to know more about Jenna's past and in Forbidden Pleasures we get to find out all about it!

I knew something awful had happened in Jenna's past but when it came down finding out I wasn't prepared for it - it blew me away and left me shocked for words.

I love Jenna and Rylan's relationship throughout this book and I cant wait to read his POV in the next installment coming soon.

This to me, is by far her best book (series) yet! 5 stars just aren't enough