The Violet Widow by K.E Osborn

The Violet Widow? The Shattered Heart Series #1 - K.E. Osborn


I have loved everything I have read by KE Osborn so far and this book didn't disappoint me.

The beginning of the book had me in tears, you are thrown in the deep end full of emotions as Violet deals with the sudden loss of her husband and son. It was tragic and so emotional you couldn't help but cry with her.

5 years later are greeting with Violet and her alter ego The Violet Widow - she has had to do things to survive that she regrets but she is high end business woman now and has no time for love. She still isn't fully over the death of her family.

That is until she meets Rock. He literary rocks her world now, and she fall for him. Hard and Fast. And a the story progresses you see her walls come down. The sex was steamy the story brilliant and the ending......oh my. I cant wait for the next installment.