[Review] Eighty and Out by Kim Cano

Eighty and Out - Kim Cano

This my first encounter with Kim Cano and what impression she has left.

This book follows Lou and her sister Jeannie, we start with them in growing up in the 1950's within the racial hate timeline and also when they visiting their Aunt Violet in the nursing home. When she dies at the age of Eighty Lou decides that is it for her and makes a pact with Jeannie, eighty and out.


The book follows the girls many highs and you see the timeline progress as well from the hate era to the riots to the early 2000's. We see the girls go through their first loves, marriage and babies.


But with the many highs, also came immense lows and the last half of the book had me in tears. It was been a long time since a book made my cry, and I really felt for Lou and everything that she had to go through during the last half of the book. She lost everyone close to her in such short space of time and then her husband drops a bombshell on her. I wanted to scream at him!!


This book will make you laugh and cry, and boy will you cry, but it will it also make you stop and realise just how precious your family and friends are.

 I cant recommend this book enough, it was a brilliant read and I am glad to have had the opportunity to read it, Kim Cano I will definetly be checking out your other books - as long as they don't all make me cry :)