Her Vampire's Proice by Jordan K Rose

Her Vampire's Promise - Jordan K. Rose

This was a good read though there are certainly a lots of unanswered questions that I hope are addressed in the next book. Her Vampire’s Promise is short novella that certainly packs lots into it for all it was only about 100 pages long, but like I say there were certain things that were unanswered that I dunno maybe could have been covered in this book, though I can see why it is done this way – obviously to get to read the next one!


Reade is a vampire, who in believing that a child died twenty or so years ago when he was stationed in a lab called Panthera comes across a woman in bar that he feels some kind of familiarity with. Lawrie is that child who unknown to her she has been drinking Vampire blood belonging to Reade which she discovered in the Panthera complex in a secret room belonging to her father.


I want to know what is going in in Panthera, what is her uncle experimenting on and why? Just as you getting into the story it ends to be continued…..

Book 2 is on my TBR list when I get round to purchasing it.


4 stars