Rescued by Love (The Ryders #4) by Melissa Foster

Rescued by Love - Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster has delivered yet another fantastic story with Rescued by Love. I honestly don't know how she can do it time and time again - out of the books I have read no two are the same and that I think is a feat in itself considering how deep her characters and books go.

Addison or Addy is such a strong, fiercely independent woman who is not looking for anything or someone for that matter to hold her back from doing what she wants on her terms, and she has been doing everything in her power to put off Jake not only because they have grown to become friends but the fact that her best friend has just married Jake's brother and she doesn't want things to get awkward or for anyone to find out.

After they hook up at the wedding Jake cant get Addy out of his head and he knows deep down that she feels the same way but she is intent on refusing to believe that they could be anything more than a one-night-get-it-out-of-their-system hook up.

"We are a thing, Addy. Even if you say we're not, you can't escape us any more than I can."

Jake is also treading on new territory as he has never wanted a relationship until he met Addy and he will stop at nothing to convince her of that fact.

The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts and the strong willed Addy pitted against the determined Jake just makes for an explosively hot and steamy relationship, that will have you smiling at the banter between them and getting all hot an bothered a the sex scenes. I couldnt wait to return to Elpitha Island and hope it is not the last we see of it, as will all Melissa's books you can read this is a stand alone very easily but it will suck you in and you will read them all... trust me!


I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.


5 stars