ON The Run (An Ozzie Novak Thriller, Book 6) (Redemption Thriller Series 18) by John W Mefford

Mefford had me hooked from the first page and I read this in a few hours, I just couldn’t put it down (even reading when I was making dinner!) 
The start of the book is intense and poor Ozzie just cant catch a break can he? Things are finally going in the right direction for him with regards to his relationship with his estranged wife Nicole, his daughter Mackenzie and buying a new house so they all be together. But things go horrible wrong, at first I am going to be honest I thought it was a dream for Ozzie after seeing a body plummet from a bridge, but no this is real and it soon turns into a nightmare for Ozzie.


He is thrown for a loop when “evidence” comes to light that he was involved with the death at the bridge and he is faced with a choice – turn himself in for something he didn’t do or run and find out the truth. Of course it is Ozzie we are talking about here and he goes ON the Run like his life depends on it – and it does! He will stop at nothing to prove his innocence and discovers some starting revelations along the way and I have to say I never saw it all coming, I was literary on the edge of my seat as he pieced everything together whilst the law was fast closing in on him. That’s all I am going to say to keep it spoiler free!!


An outstanding, edge of your seat read and Ozzie’s best one yet in my eye, though this can be read as a stand alone to get the full effect read the series, you will not be disappointed!