AT Death’s Door (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 11) (Redemption Thriller Series 23) by John W Mefford

After the shocking events in the last book, Alex, Ozzie, Nicole and the kids take a vacation to Hawaii. Peace, relaxation and visiting Mackenzie’s old friends are on the agenda, but nothing ever goes that smooth. We are 23 books into the redemption series, so why on earth did I think Mefford would cut them a little slack.


Ozzies helps out his friend Keo with a security job leaving Alex, Nicole and the kids to visit Mackenzie friend. When visiting friends things literally explode! Good god how many times can poor Alex be involved with explosions!? she must be a cat with nine lives! From that moment their vacation takes a hellish turn, with Alex and Ozzie getting involved with a stake out that leads to an unexpected face turning up at the house of a prostitute. I was literally in shock at this appearance and can only imagine the hurt and pain that Alex felt at the same time!


I knew there had to be a rational explanation for them being on the island, and whilst I was right I am still shaken by the events that transpired, far from home with no support in a corrupt law enforcement how can Alex and Ozzie (and their loved ones) get out of this alive? You will just have to read AT Death’s Door to find out…