Pulse (The Luminous Series #1) by K.E Osborn

I loved Osborn’s Rock God series and couldn’t wait to get reading this new addition to her rock star world.


This one is different as it features an all girl band, and that was refreshing in its own right as most are all about male bands.


Effa is the lead singer and bit of a hippy chick – sometimes that trait got annoying but it was who she was, her manger gets the band a new light tech in the form of Mercs – the attraction was instant for both of them there was no denying that.

Mercs was not without his troubles though, he is always in the road with bands making money to help with his sister’s treatment.


Now I loved Mercs from the start with his devotion to his sister and his whole caring demeanor, but then he changed and became a totally different person, kinda like and asshole to be honest. It was unexpected given how he was perceived at the start.

Be warned though this ended on a massive cliffhanger that leafy me cursing! If you love Osborn, if you love rock star romance you will LOVE this book.