Love You Through It by Fabiola Francisco

This is book 2 in the the Rebel Desire series and my first time reading Ms Francisco’s work. I absolutely loved this book.  Loving you through it is such a heartbreaking read that I have to admit I did cry whilst reading it,
Bri is a army wife and her worst fears come true when she loses her husband in combat, she is broken in every sense and this is a raw emotional journey of her moving on with her life after losing the love of her life. I honestly have the utmost respect to army wife’s as I honestly don’t know how they do it just waiting on that dreaded call, Fabiola did a fantastic job at writing this story line that showed the raw emotions Bri was going through trying to piece together her life again.
Enter Cole, he is the drummer for the band Rebel Desire and I have to say I have thing for drummers (my hubby is one so say no more) he wants nothing more than to be with Bri, but knowing the heartbreak she is going through he hold off. Cole instead is the perfect gentleman and had such amazing patience with Bri and basically just become the friend she needed to get by. You knew the attraction was there for both of them, and you knew this was going to be an emotional journey for both of them.
It takes a lot to make me cry both tears of deep sadness and joy but Fabiola did it, and I honestly loved this book and cant wait to read more in the series,