Obsession by S.M Phillips

Obsession - S.M.  Phillips

Meet Anna - she is living with her cousin Holly and working at her bar. She is running from something, but we don't fully know (as of yet)

Then meet Jensen. He is arrogant and his people skills are much to be desired, but then they are only worse when around Anna.

He arrives at the bar one day and claims he is the new owner, much to Anna's confusion - and top it all off she cant get in touch with her cousin. It turns out that she has sold her bar and house to Jensen so looks like Anna is going to be getting new room mate.

This doesn't sit well with either of them and the sexual tension between them despite "hating" each other is thick.

They both have secrets, which I hope we learn in the next book, and OMG!! Cliffhanger! I don't like cliffhangers, especially of this kind!

Also the book is written in a very British way but I am not entirely sure where it actually set lol but that may just be me.

Great book 4 stars