Roaring Hot by Rachelle Ayala

Roaring Hot - Rachelle Ayala

Teo Alexiou - hot motorcycle racer and a hit with ladies, needs to find a girlfriend for his grandmothers birthday and one that will be convincing enough for her to believe.

Amy Suzuki - is an aspiring actress who is yet to get her big break and ends up being his "fake girlfriend" for a reality show.

Or is it all just an elaborate plan for Teo to get another notch on his bed after she shot him down when they initially meet at a pool party?

As the show is being fimed they are both becoming aware of their real feelings and there are several moments when both are wondering if it is real or just for show.

I enjoyed the storyline and the characters and like most authours that are new to me I will definitely be checking out some more of Rachelle Ayala other books

4 stars