Who Am I?: How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again by Megan Cyrulewski

Who Am I?: How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again - Megan Cyrulewski

This was a very emotional book. Not only that it is also very raw and frank account of the abuse that Megan went through before and after her daughter was born.

I had post natal depression really bad after my first son, so this book not only touch a nerve with on that level but it brought back my emotions during that time.

The descriptions of the metal and physical abuse are so raw - its hard to believe that people go through that and even harder to belive that people do it.

I am not going to lie there were points throughout the book that I thought that author was just having a slanging match about her ex - she doesn't hold back in what she writes, and whilst that isn't necessarily a bad thing, - and I don't doubt for one second that he deserved it, I just felt she was stooping to his level.

It was a heart wrenching story to read and one that I am sure a lot of people can relate to or know of someone who is going through something similar. I praise her for being so candid and I truly enjoyed - maybe that is the wrong choice of word given what the book about - reading her story and knowing that her little girl saved her and gave her purpose again.

4 Stars