[Review] Seside Secrets by Melissa Foster

Seaside Secrets - Melissa Foster

Love In Bloom #23


This is my first book by Melissa Foster and I can assure you it will not be my last!

I loved everything about this book. I would love to be apart of a group just like the Seaside Girls. Jessica’s innocence is what makes this story for me, it is unusual for someone in their twenties to not have much experience of things like eBay and relationships, but after leading such a sheltered life devoted to playing the Cello it is pretty understandable.

I loved the chemistry between Jessica and Jamie and in fact I loved them as a couple. period.

Melissa has done a great job with this, and though it part of a series having never read the previous ones I didn't feel like that it was a problem. This book is definitely easy to read as stand alone, but the OCD in me now want to go out and get the rest to complete the story.

I can not wait to read more by Melissa!