Club Privé: French Connection Vol. III (Club Privé: French Connection #3) by M.S. Parker

Club Prive 8 - French Connection Vol. 3 - M. S. Parker


What can I say? M.S. Parker doesn't disappoint yet again.

I haven't the Club Prive books prior to the French Connection series so I don't know Carrie and Gavin's complete back story, but that didn't matter I was still able to read and enjoy this series. (I do recommend reading the first series though, as I have since gone back and did)

Vol 3 is the perfect end to the Carrie and Gavin's story. Going to France was supposed to make them closer but in fact it has the opposite effect. There is so much lying and decite that no wonder a wedge is coming between them.

It all comes to a head and you don't want miss out on the ending to their story.

Another brilliant 5 star series!