Broken Pleasures (A Prequel) - M. S. Parker

As usual Ms Parker didn't disappoint with the start of this new series! She is easily becoming one my favorite authors in this genre.

This is a prequel to her new Pleasures series and I cant wait for the next installment Forbidden Pleasures to be released.

This sets you up for Jenna and Rylan and I really want to know more about Jenna's past that leads her to be so adverse to closeness - if that is even the right term for what I am trying to say. Jenna uses guys for sex and on her terms and never with same guy more than once, so when Rylan enters her world as her new client and potential boss if he gets his way - he could be the one to break through her defenses.

A short brilliant read that definitely leaves you wanting to find out more about Jenna and how the relationship between her and Rylan will develop.