8 Weeks (Time for Love #1) by Bethany Lopez

8 Weeks - Bethany Lopez

So where do I start? I really didn't like Shelly.
Yes I felt for her when Cal told her about what happened in Vegas, but instead of sitting down discussing it and talking options from there, she was quick to get divorce papers drawn up and sold their house within days of his indiscretion.

That didn't sit well with me, they were married for 6 years and whilst Cal doesn't even fully know what happened that night, (other than waking up naked next to someone other than his wife) it wasn't excusable but I would say it did warrant being forgiven (eventually), she was willing to throw it all away instantly.

I love the fact that Cal went all out over the eights weeks to prove his love to her and put his whole heart on the line to make it up to her. She responded several times being a tease - in my eyes - by going on the date then having sex with him only to tell him to leave straight after, but I did feel he had to a hell of a lot of grovelling to save his marriage.

Shelly also went out changed her hair, got piercing and tattoos after the split - which made Cal feel like she had to ask her permission to do things in their marriage which angered him and also me as that is exactly how it came across in the book.

God can you tell I really didn't like Shelly!?

Apart from the gripes I had with Shelly I really did enjoy the story and I really enjoyed the things that Cal did in order to get her back. But after the 8 weeks, after dragging it out for that length of time only then did Shelly ask for the full story.

I look forward to reading the next book in the series

4 Stars