Chasing Gold by Alexa Bourne

Chasing Gold - Alexa Bourne

This was a quick and fun read. And kudos to Alexa for not making me cringe when any Scots character "spoke", one that always makes me fear a book is when a non Scottish author write Scots dialect.


Chasing Gold follows Simon and Grace on a quest to find hidden treasure - when Simon's older and not so nice brothers thinking that Grace's uncle is an old fuddy duddy about the treasure, they pass it off to Simon who accepts the old man request and heads off to Scotland to aid grace.


Grace is so focused on finding the treasure for the ailing uncle that she has never had time for a relationship out with the search. So when Simon shows up she feels not only put out a little by her uncle but also attracted to Simon at the same time.

Like I say this was quick fun read and you see how the relationship changes between Grace and Simon.


Look forward to reading more from Alexa Bourne

4 Stars