The Island (The Island #1) by Jen Minkman

The Island - Jen Minkman

The island

This was a strange read, and it had a lot of star wars references - I didn't realise it was a fan fic? I am not a lover of star wars to begin with, and think this could have been a much better story without the references to it, the fact they call their book that is kinda like the bible - the Star Wars Notebook was laughable!

Ok that aside, this has obviously underwent a lot of editing and changes from the reviews I have read compared to what I have actually read, which is for the better had I read what others had reviewed this would have probably gotten a 1 star.

Leia and her twin brother Colin upon reaching the age of 10 are forced to leave home and move into a mansion on the island where they are to stay and take care of themselves until they find someone to marry from the mansion - weird or what?
The island has a huge wall running across it that no one ever crosses, but when she encounters a boy named Walt who is from across the wall she begins to question everything.

I loved the premise of this book, but like I say lose the star war references and I think it would be even better. However, I probably wont continue with the story due to that fact, had there been anything in the book blurb relating or mentioning that this is some kind of Star War fic I would not have read it - I think the author should consider updating the blurb to reflect this


3 stars