Ambushed in Paradise by Deborah Brown (Paradise Series Book 12)

Ambushed in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series Book 12) - Deborah Brown

Ms Brown damn near gave me a heart attack with the start of this book! In fact I threw it down (ok I didn’t as it was my phone) and almost refused to read it, (ok another lie) – after an opening line of “He’s dead.” you wouldn’t want to stop reading either!


Madison’s life is turned upside down when her boyfriend Creole is killed in the line of duty, he was killed on an undercover mission and when she goes to start making arrangements for his funeral she is told that he has already been cremated! I really felt for Madison, she lost the love of her life and didn’t even get to say goodbye to him properly, is it any wonder she slips into a depression. Fab and Didier try to give her space but they are worried about her, but it was her mother that I wanted to take a swig at – she felt that Madison would benefit from seeing a shrink and does so underhandedly by inviting Madison to dinner as well a shrink. Not cool, not cool at all. I felt like her family were trying to get her to come to terms with his death rather quickly instead of letting her come to terms with it in her own way.


Madison takes herself off to the Beach House to rest and be near him, only ghost from the past resurface in a way that will leave you shocked!


Ambushed in Paradise was a great addition to the series and it will tug on your emotions along side Madison.


As it is book 12 in the series you will have no problem reading this as a stand alone but trust me you will want to read all of Madison & Fab’s antics up to this point.