Sweet Love at Bayside by Addison Cole

Sweet Love at Bayside - Addison Cole

When Desiree turns up at Bayside worried about her mother little did she think she would have no need to worry let alone fall in love and up-root her life. Summoned to Bayside under false pretences, Desiree’s mother led her to believe that she was at deaths door but instead she just needs her and her sister violet to come look after her house/studio whilst she goes goes off to “find herself”


When Rick Savage first meets Desiree there is no denying the instant attraction between them, but both of them know that they are only in the Cape for the summer, so they make it a fling to remember. I really loved how Rick brought out the naughty side to Desiree and loved watching her grow from this innocent school teacher to vixen. Can they make it more than a summer fling to remember and make it a lifetime of romance?

Addison has turned one hot story into a sinfully sweet version that you will just love.