Billionaire Auction by Debbie White

Billionaire Auction  - Debbie White

I have read my fair share of Billionaire lovers books over the years, but for me this one is at the tame end of the scale. The story is a very clean romance that even your granny could read no problem. 


Also the focus is not all about the money, Chase may be rich but he certainly doesn’t flash it about or use it to influence Jenny in any way. Jenny as a character was very annoying to me – she was always hot and cold not knowing what she wants, and the communication between then was all over the place!


Chase has a daughter who has Downs and I expected more interaction between Jenny and Penny, but there didn’t seem to be enough. Their romance was fast, stilted with obstacles and lack of communication, but they manage to overcome everything to be together.


If you are looking for a quick romance read featuring a Billionaire who wears his heart on his sleeve and is looking out for his daughters needs then this will be right up your street.