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Laguna Dreams, Laguna Beach Book 5 by Kaira Rouda

Laguna Dreams, Laguna Beach Book 5 - Kaira Rouda

I was excited to hear that the Laguna Series was continuing, though with a different group of characters who are all connected the ones in the first 4 books. Laguna Dreams gives us Amanda Crown and Phillip Kensington story - we first met Amanda when her best friend Jamie started dating Scott, famous for his role in the reality TV show Laguna Nights with his high school friends and who now works on the set of the TV show Days & Nights owned by Amanda's mother Alexa Crown.

For the record you don't need to have read books 1-4, as this is easily a stand alone but to get a feel for the characters I would advise it.

After getting in a situation whilst filming a scene for the show that involved bathing a dog, Amanda (who has no desire to become an actress), storms out of the studio and keeps on walking only to trip and fall at the feet of Phillip Kensington. There is a moment between then unsaid that leads to Amanda heading home to the house in Laguna and telling her mother she is moving out and going to Wine Country and Phillip ending is engagement to his fiance Kelsey!! Now months have passed by and neither have seen each other since that day but both their lives are very different.

Amanda has indeed moved out and is working on a Winery in the Sonoma Valley and loving every minute of her independence and working live, she has never met the owners and Francis has announced one day that the son of the owners will be visiting to see if Amanda is up to speed for the upcoming season. Lo and behold the son is none other than Phillip. There is no denying the spark between them but for intents and purposes he is technically still engaged to Kelsey who refuses to accept it is over. After a date that sees Kelsey walking on them Amanda heads home for the weekend leaving Phillip to deal with her.

Philip realises what he needs to do and so turns up at the Laguna beach house and he and Amanda share a weekend of passion fuelled by the undeniable spark and connection that they have. They are perfect together and though things moved really quick it is clear that it was love at first sight for both of them, just circumstances that kept them apart in the beginning.

I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait for more in this series!

I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.


5 stars

Faith In Every Footstep by Wesley Banks

Faith In Every Footstep - Wesley Banks

In “Faith in Every Footstep” we meet 19 year old Kyle Walker a rookie musher, who along with his team of 13 Carolina Grays have set off to take part in the Yukon Quest.  He has spent the last six months in the Yukon, Alaska preparing for the race having left behind sunny South Carolina, as he embarks on the qualifying races to earn his place on the Yukon Quest.  No one has ever heard of his breed before and he is determined to prove that he and his dogs have what it takes to win this race.

Faith in every footstep was a fantastic read, I like the style of writing that Banks used and the pace that it went at, as we follow Kyle along the trail as he combats the harsh weather that Alaska has to offer and cheering him and his dogs on. But when a ferocious storm hits at Central checkpoint things get a little hairy-scary and there were tons of heart in my throat moments - which I am not going to spoil for you, suffice to say it had me devouring the rest of the book like no tomorrow.

I loved the connection that Kyle has with his dogs, especially King his lead dog - they have seen special kind of connection that is slightly different than what Kyle has with his other dogs, and I loved the way that Banks wrote about it.

I can't wait to check out more in this series , as for all it ended on a slight cliffhanger, I really want to read more about Kyle and his dogs.


5 stars

Filter Shift: How Effective People See the World by Sara Taylor

Filter Shift: How Effective People See the World - Sara Taylor
I had no idea what to expect when I started this book, it is a complex book but the message is clear - we unconsciously apply filters to situations, people etc so much so that is instinct for us ans we don't even know we are actually doing it. What this book does is, it sets out to help us shift our filters - "filter shifting is our ability to SEE self, SEE others and SEE effective approach" SEE being our levels of observation See Explain & Evaluate.

I'm not going to lie this was one of those books that you really need to sit down, think and understand, and when I first picked it up I did skim through it and pick out the main points but then I sat down and really read it and it really opened my eyes up the fact that I am guilty of filter shifting, and after reading I know that it is not going to be an overnight change but a gradual process to filter shift and rewire my brain. I know I judge and have made comments like those mentioned in the book without really thinking it through, so it has given me an understanding as to why our brains are wired this way in order to help change the way I think and see the world.

I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
4 stars


Rescued by Love (The Ryders #4) by Melissa Foster

Rescued by Love - Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster has delivered yet another fantastic story with Rescued by Love. I honestly don't know how she can do it time and time again - out of the books I have read no two are the same and that I think is a feat in itself considering how deep her characters and books go.

Addison or Addy is such a strong, fiercely independent woman who is not looking for anything or someone for that matter to hold her back from doing what she wants on her terms, and she has been doing everything in her power to put off Jake not only because they have grown to become friends but the fact that her best friend has just married Jake's brother and she doesn't want things to get awkward or for anyone to find out.

After they hook up at the wedding Jake cant get Addy out of his head and he knows deep down that she feels the same way but she is intent on refusing to believe that they could be anything more than a one-night-get-it-out-of-their-system hook up.

"We are a thing, Addy. Even if you say we're not, you can't escape us any more than I can."

Jake is also treading on new territory as he has never wanted a relationship until he met Addy and he will stop at nothing to convince her of that fact.

The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts and the strong willed Addy pitted against the determined Jake just makes for an explosively hot and steamy relationship, that will have you smiling at the banter between them and getting all hot an bothered a the sex scenes. I couldnt wait to return to Elpitha Island and hope it is not the last we see of it, as will all Melissa's books you can read this is a stand alone very easily but it will suck you in and you will read them all... trust me!


I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.


5 stars

Dead Lawyers Don't Lie (Jake Wolfe #1) by Mark Nolan

Dead Lawyers Don't Lie: A Jake Wolfe Novel - Mark Nolan

I love a good thriller/mystery and this one did not disappoint. The start of the book was brilliant, I loved the premise and the characters and it was filled with lots of action but it just seemed to drag a little for me, it seemed to go in bursts of action then long winded chapters then back to action again.

It starts with is meeting a smarmy lawyer who you instantly hate as he doesn't care about anything other than the money and winning the case regardless of his clients involvement so for him to die is no big deal. The assassin Ivan Zhukov otherwise know as The Artist has been hired to take out several Lawyers by an organisation that obviously has a bigger agenda in mind, and he as now targeted Jake Wolfe photojournalist who was trailing the criminal lawyer,.

From here it is a game of cat and mouse as Zhukov tries to take out Wolf as well as the others on his kill list.

This is a really really long book about 600+ pages and it is the longest I have read in a while. However the length could have been drastically reduced as there were a lot of chapters that were drawn out and not needed to the impact of the story.


4 stars

Within (LZR-1143 #1.5) by Bryan James

LZR-1143: Within (A Zombie Novella) - Bryan James


I love a good zombie book, and for all this is a novella and part of a series (this is book 1.5) it was easily read as a stand alone, and for it was short it gave me an idea of James world building.

Stuck in a windowless building where the power has gone sees everyone's senses go on high alter whilst they try to work out what is going on on the outside.
The virus is bringing the dead back and they are inside the building. This was a short and suspenseful read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed as a wee change to what I have been reading currently.


4 stars

Her Vampire's Proice by Jordan K Rose

Her Vampire's Promise - Jordan K. Rose

This was a good read though there are certainly a lots of unanswered questions that I hope are addressed in the next book. Her Vampire’s Promise is short novella that certainly packs lots into it for all it was only about 100 pages long, but like I say there were certain things that were unanswered that I dunno maybe could have been covered in this book, though I can see why it is done this way – obviously to get to read the next one!


Reade is a vampire, who in believing that a child died twenty or so years ago when he was stationed in a lab called Panthera comes across a woman in bar that he feels some kind of familiarity with. Lawrie is that child who unknown to her she has been drinking Vampire blood belonging to Reade which she discovered in the Panthera complex in a secret room belonging to her father.


I want to know what is going in in Panthera, what is her uncle experimenting on and why? Just as you getting into the story it ends to be continued…..

Book 2 is on my TBR list when I get round to purchasing it.


4 stars

The Island (The Island #1) by Jen Minkman

The Island - Jen Minkman

The island

This was a strange read, and it had a lot of star wars references - I didn't realise it was a fan fic? I am not a lover of star wars to begin with, and think this could have been a much better story without the references to it, the fact they call their book that is kinda like the bible - the Star Wars Notebook was laughable!

Ok that aside, this has obviously underwent a lot of editing and changes from the reviews I have read compared to what I have actually read, which is for the better had I read what others had reviewed this would have probably gotten a 1 star.

Leia and her twin brother Colin upon reaching the age of 10 are forced to leave home and move into a mansion on the island where they are to stay and take care of themselves until they find someone to marry from the mansion - weird or what?
The island has a huge wall running across it that no one ever crosses, but when she encounters a boy named Walt who is from across the wall she begins to question everything.

I loved the premise of this book, but like I say lose the star war references and I think it would be even better. However, I probably wont continue with the story due to that fact, had there been anything in the book blurb relating or mentioning that this is some kind of Star War fic I would not have read it - I think the author should consider updating the blurb to reflect this


3 stars

The Heartbreaker (The Heartbreaker 0.5) by Jessica Wood

The Heartbreaker - Jessica Wood

This is a short pov from Damian and it can be read before or after reading "Damian" having not read it this was a prequel for me and to be quite honest he seems like a bit of an arse, didn't really love the story and can only hope book 1 is better.....


3 stars 

Her Secret Agent by Paige Tyler

Her Secret Agent - Paige Tyler

This is short - in fact the story is 28% of this "book" the rest is a 5 chapter excerpt for Her Perfect Mate and a 5 chapter excerpt for Hungry Like The Wolf.
Why the author has padded this out with 10 chapters from other books is beyond me and I for one hate it... I feel cheated and glad it was free or I would be extremely annoyed at spending money on this.

There is no back story to who John is - then a character called Adam was mentioned like we should know who he was.... (then we a get a titbit of his story) I just couldn't connect with the characters at all in such a short book, disappointed as I love the shifter aspect and the DCO


2 stars

Reveiw - Killer Pursuit by Jeff Gunhus

Killer Pursuit - Jeff Gunhus



Killer Persuit
An Allison McNeil Thriller
by Jeff Gunhus


This is the second book by Jeff that I have read and I loved this. Whilst this is the second Allison McNeil book it can be read as a stand alone, but I definitely want to read book one now so I can find out what happened to Allison.

Alison is a very strong character and finds herself in the middle of an off the record investigation that has her track the killer of a high end call girl who was brutally murdered. As she delves deeper into the case it becomes clear that there are more people involved and the stakes are high with regards to the videos the call girl saved of all her clients.


This was a great thriller that was full of suspense, action and murder.  I liked how it involved politics into the mix and it makes me wonder how much of this goes on that we don’t really know about. There are a lot of characters and sometimes it jumped about too much from chapter to chapter, but it was the best way to get all the characters intertwining stories across. It had me gripped from the start and guessing until the end as to who it was, for which I loved.

The book is due to be released on 18th January, and you can preorder from Amazon now.


5 stars

Review - Gracie, Dead or Alive by Sofia Diana Gabel

Gracie, Dead or Alive - Sofia Diana Gabel


Gracie, Dead of Alive
by Sofia Diana Gabel
Paranormal Romance
Date Published: September 15, 2015

A story of the living, the undead, magic, betrayal, love, more betrayal, and blueberry pancakes. Gracie Daniels has it all. She’s young, pretty, in love and about to graduate from the University of Southern California, but her world is turned upside down when she wakes up, dead, in the morgue. But that’s only the beginning of Gracie’s new undead life. She has to learn to survive impending decomposition from a Wiccan spell that went wrong and numerous betrayals, all while searching for a mysterious alchemical spell book. Then along comes handsome Troy Scott. How can Gracie balance being dead and falling in love? It would be easier to give up, but that’s not Gracie.


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My Review


Poor Gracie, she wakes up in the morgue to find out that she had died but a ditzy witch called Terra has brought her back to life.

Terra ditches Gracie in the morgue leaving her to fend for herself, but Gracie cant go home or call anyone as everyone thinks she is dead!

We follow Gracie as she begins to decompose, as she find out that her boyfriend was cheating on her and basically trying to live whilst being dead.

Overall it was a good story though in some parts it kinda dragged, and the whole relationship with the cop was a bit weird. But I loved the story and it was a different take on what could be a zombie book.

4 stars

[Review] Eighty and Out by Kim Cano

Eighty and Out - Kim Cano

This my first encounter with Kim Cano and what impression she has left.

This book follows Lou and her sister Jeannie, we start with them in growing up in the 1950's within the racial hate timeline and also when they visiting their Aunt Violet in the nursing home. When she dies at the age of Eighty Lou decides that is it for her and makes a pact with Jeannie, eighty and out.


The book follows the girls many highs and you see the timeline progress as well from the hate era to the riots to the early 2000's. We see the girls go through their first loves, marriage and babies.


But with the many highs, also came immense lows and the last half of the book had me in tears. It was been a long time since a book made my cry, and I really felt for Lou and everything that she had to go through during the last half of the book. She lost everyone close to her in such short space of time and then her husband drops a bombshell on her. I wanted to scream at him!!


This book will make you laugh and cry, and boy will you cry, but it will it also make you stop and realise just how precious your family and friends are.

 I cant recommend this book enough, it was a brilliant read and I am glad to have had the opportunity to read it, Kim Cano I will definetly be checking out your other books - as long as they don't all make me cry :)

The Violet Widow by K.E Osborn

The Violet Widow? The Shattered Heart Series #1 - K.E. Osborn


I have loved everything I have read by KE Osborn so far and this book didn't disappoint me.

The beginning of the book had me in tears, you are thrown in the deep end full of emotions as Violet deals with the sudden loss of her husband and son. It was tragic and so emotional you couldn't help but cry with her.

5 years later are greeting with Violet and her alter ego The Violet Widow - she has had to do things to survive that she regrets but she is high end business woman now and has no time for love. She still isn't fully over the death of her family.

That is until she meets Rock. He literary rocks her world now, and she fall for him. Hard and Fast. And a the story progresses you see her walls come down. The sex was steamy the story brilliant and the ending......oh my. I cant wait for the next installment.

Forbidden Pleasures (Pleasures 1) by M.S Parker

Forbidden Pleasures (Pleasures #1) - M. S. Parker

After reading Broken Pleasures I could not wait to start this!

The beginning gives you the prequel, which is good if you don't want to read it separately - it gives you just enough to want to know more about Jenna's past and in Forbidden Pleasures we get to find out all about it!

I knew something awful had happened in Jenna's past but when it came down finding out I wasn't prepared for it - it blew me away and left me shocked for words.

I love Jenna and Rylan's relationship throughout this book and I cant wait to read his POV in the next installment coming soon.

This to me, is by far her best book (series) yet! 5 stars just aren't enough

Chasing Gold by Alexa Bourne

Chasing Gold - Alexa Bourne

This was a quick and fun read. And kudos to Alexa for not making me cringe when any Scots character "spoke", one that always makes me fear a book is when a non Scottish author write Scots dialect.


Chasing Gold follows Simon and Grace on a quest to find hidden treasure - when Simon's older and not so nice brothers thinking that Grace's uncle is an old fuddy duddy about the treasure, they pass it off to Simon who accepts the old man request and heads off to Scotland to aid grace.


Grace is so focused on finding the treasure for the ailing uncle that she has never had time for a relationship out with the search. So when Simon shows up she feels not only put out a little by her uncle but also attracted to Simon at the same time.

Like I say this was quick fun read and you see how the relationship changes between Grace and Simon.


Look forward to reading more from Alexa Bourne

4 Stars